Hey there followers and subscribers. The Vegan Man has moved to a new domain. After years of posting here I decided to move the site to a new domain as I move forward as a certified Holistic Health Coach and Life Coach. My journey was a long one and part of it lives through these blog posts, but as I moved forward I decided I didn’t want to hid anymore. So I’m no longer operating behind The Vegan Man, but behind my own unique identity. Not to worry though, I’m still vegan (and so are all of my recipes, most are Gluten-Free now too). But having a happy and healthy life isn’t exclusive to vegans, hence the path forward I’ve chosen.

All your favorite recipes from this blog already life on the new site. I made sure that everything was seamless in the transition, you’ll also find a whole bunch of new ones plus some improved user navigation, recipe printing and search features.

You’ll also find great posts and videos on Health & Wellness. I hope you’ll join me over there and continue to enjoy the content and recipes.


Happy cooking,
David a.k.a. TheVeganMan